Based on our customers need to have a partner to whom can rely on , we cooperate closely with them and understand the requirements for each one of them. Furthermore, the continuous research of international market gives us the advantage to respond at the constantly evolving preferences of our customers. Moreover, the long experience of the founder at the marketing of consumer products as well as the large companies that are represented in the Greek market, with its modern spirit and flexibility of the company ensures successful results.


  • Landmann: We possess the exclusive representation of the German company Landmann in gas and charcoal grills and in grilling accessories.
  • Favorit: In the domain of lighter and generally of start-up the fire and fireplace cleaners we represent the German company Favorit, known for its functionality and security that ensure its products.
  • Polyflame: In the sector of lighters for candles and fireplaces, we represent the French company Polyflame, a company known for its high quality products and competitive prices while providing all the necessary certificates of quality and safe operation.
  • Horus Bio: For bio-ethanol fireplaces we possess the representation of Horus Bio , an Italian company which guarantees the perfect combination of modern aesthetics and safe operation of its products, as a founding member of the World Association of Manufacturers bio-ethanol fireplaces . Its products have CE certification title and all necessary approvals from the control institute of Italy.
  • Nouvelles Images : Among the companies we represent is also the French company Nouvelles Images, which is dealing with creation and worldwide distribution, of decoration products such as stickers, posters, prints , etc.

All the companies that we represent, are internationally recognized for the quality of their products and they are leaders in the European market. All their products are accompanied by the appropriate audit certificates , quality, and warranty as well.